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Every one of our rooms has a soul and personality of its own. They are all authentic, patiently decorated with pieces of furniture of family or clouded in the brocante and antique, all with private access to a garden or a terrace.

In the ALIBIBI book a seat on a trip in to a dreamland full of enchantment, with the sun shining softly into your room to slowly and gently wake you up in the morning. This southern sunlight also illuminates the newly refurbished terrace surrounded by beautiful flowers.


Enter the CARAGOL and allow yourself be seduced by its mineral atmosphere, you will find yourself in the middle of the countryside, smooth, coloured lime, a fresco on the wall with a roman undertone, a curtain of pearls which “talks” of sun and of its villagers chatting on their porch steps. Even the cart has its own place on the mezzanine where there is a bed, waiting for a third voyager. There is only the smell of freshly cut hay and the fruits of a late harvest that are missing.

Step inside the TEMPS PERDU and discover the spirit and of an old boutique, where a feeling of mystery reigns and time is encased in a tranquil naivety.

Then there is the ZINGARO, this room tells of a time when travelling was an art of living. (Available exclusively as a complement of a guest room.)


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