Au Coquin de Sort

Charming bed and breakfast in Provence

On the ways of Provence in Vaison la Romaine, between the Mount Ventoux, the wine trail of coast of the Rhône and the fields of lavender, « Au Coquin de Sort » is an authentic Provençal mas restored keeping with the traditional style. Charmed by an original and sophisticated atmosphere, you can savor certain lifestyle.


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Au Coquin de Sort

Charming bed and breakfast in Provence

All rooms have private access by the garden or the terrace. They are equipped with privative shower-rooms with italian-style shower. They are all authentic with each a particular soul and a personal charm.



    In the Alibibi leave for a charming journey, with the sun shining softly into your room to slowly wake you up in the morning. This southern sunlight also illuminates the newly refurbished terrace surrounded by beautiful flowers.

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    Enter the Caragol and allow yourself be seduced by its mineral atmosphere, coloured lime, a fresco on the wall with a roman undertone, a curtain of pearls which “talks” of sun and of its villagers chatting on their porch steps. On the mezzanine there is a bed waiting for a third voyager. There is only the smell of freshly cut hay and the fruits of a late harvest that are missing.

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    Step inside the Temps perdu and discover the spirit of an old shop , where a feeling of mystery reigns and time is encased in a tranquil naivety.

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    Then there is the Zingaro, this gypsy-wagon room tells of a time when travelling was an art of living. (Available exclusively as a complement of a guest room with division of toilets.)

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Au Coquin de Sort

Charming bed and breakfast in Provence

A room (1 or 2 people): 80€ at night to have breakfast included
From 2 nights: 10€ reduction harms her.
Additional person: 25€
"Zingaro", authentic caravan gypsy only as a supplement to a room: 60 € at night
For the short stays: from 1 to 3 nights, the allocation of the room is made according to the conveniences of our schedule.
Breakfast served between 8:30 am and 10:30 am

On arrival: rooms are available from 5pm
At first: rooms are freed at the latest at 11 am.
Payment conditions: checks, transfer, cash
Tourist tax Vaison: 0,75 € a person and a night of the April 1st on October 31st.
Reads baby in disposition:10€
Supplement animals: 10 € for the period of stay

The guesthouse is opened all year long, to reserve call us to +33 (0)4 90 35 03 11 or contact - we HERE

Arrived in Vaison by the Avenue St Quenin, set to the left at the cross avenues François Mitterand-General de gaulle ( Road sign Saume Longue), follow this street up to the cross with Traverse d' Orange street. Then continue, and after the "village de vacances" quit the road and take a path lined of cypres on your right up to the gate of our house. The car park is in the top of the path, on your right.


Au Coquin de Sort

Charming bed and breakfast in Provence

From Occitan language, Au Coquin de Sort is an expression used here to express the surprise or still the admiration! There are magic places which, the moment of little break, lead to forget how much time passes. Come to share our universe, where we chose to live with our whim in a place which corresponds to our ideal, a taste of freedom in a mixture of passion and originality ...
Come to discover the secret corners of the garden strewed with objects which keep the tracks of past, the patina of time with a small supplement of soul, and which give in to be moved.

Way of life

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Au Coquin de Sort

Charming bed and breakfast in Provence

Let draw inspiration by this country which envelops the dust of old civilizations, go up and down by feet, on 2 or 4 wheels this earth of shades and light, pick up the magic of places, sounds, colours, fragrances, tastes, and let catch yourselves by taking time to live
Stroll to the numerous markets of Provence and in the picturesque villages: Séguret, Crestet, Brantes…..
Discover vestiges if you like places steeped in history: a great journey in the Médiéval and Gallo-Roman City…
Go hiking in the Dentelles de Montmirail (Escapado), make an escapade for Ventoux for the beauty of the landscapes, refresh you in the gorges of Toulourenc…
Visit one of the numerous vineyard and enjoy a wine tasting in Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Cairanne, Roaix, Sablet …

On the ways

  • SEE

    Get the magic of places: its lights, its colors, its atmosphere ... .and let inspire by landscapes where the time seems if to be stops to enjoy a peaceful existence.

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    Enjoy the sunny, colored and delicious vegetables, the fruity flavor of the olive oil which gets married so well with heady basil ... Savor the cottage cheese, apricots hardly picked on the tree, the small fresh and very drinkable rosé of Provence ...

    images/accueil/23.jpg images/carnet/gouter/ail2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/biscuit2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/charcuterie.jpg images/carnet/gouter/cotedurhone2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/fraise2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/fromage2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/gouter2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/miel2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/olive2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/panbagnat2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/poivron2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/terroir2.jpg images/carnet/gouter/aubergine.jpg images/carnet/gouter/citron.jpg images/carnet/gouter/cookies.jpg images/carnet/gouter/fromages.jpg images/carnet/gouter/olivenoire.jpg images/carnet/gouter/degustation.jpg
  • FEEL

    Be guided by your nose and follow up to the end the way of scents: smells, fragrances, aromas and spices of the Mediterranean cooking.

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    To give of the sound to the landscape
    Hear the summer sung by cicadas, mistral, whisper of a brook, a fountain, pilpil of birds, the sounds of the market and the language which sings ... The name of flowers: hémérocalles, bougainvillea, althéa, plumbago, cistus ...

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    Walk for hands
    Caress materials as used railing, a wall in the lime scaled by pigments and ochre, historical streets, mosaics and bitter and rocky ground of Provence transformed over time by the patient hand of the gardener into a small flowery and nice-smelling paradise.

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  • Au Coquin de Sort
  • 1242 Chemin
  • de Saume Longue
  • 84119 Vaison la romaine
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  • +33 (0)4 90 35 03 11
  • +33 (0)6 07 42 03 57